Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY -- Chanukah

Most people light candles for Chanukah, but the original way which some people still do, is burning oil.
You need eight little dishes to hold the oil.
You need wicks, which either lie in a spout of the dish or have a pre-fab holder that you drop into the dish before you add the oil.
You need olive oil.

You fill up the dish; it has to burn for at least half an hour which means about half an ounce.
You light the wick.
You say -- or rather you chant -- the blessings.
You do this after dark all days of the week except Friday.
On Friday you light the Chanukah lights and then the Shabbat lights.
Shabbat lights have to be lit before sunset, and the rule is they are lit 18 minutes before sunset.

There's  a video here and the comments are very useful.

Chanukah was the first time in history that a people stood up on its hind legs and demanded religious freedom from the ruling power. They got it, too.  It should have been a lesson to later tyrants. But tyrants wouldn't be tyrants if they were capable of learning the lessons of history.

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