Sunday, December 7, 2014

Garden -- good for something

Most things are good for gardening.
We have had a lot of rain over the last week, and that's good for one thing.
Getting rid of ivy.
Whether it's poison ivy or English ivy, wet soil is good.
You buy those heavy black plastic trash bags.
You wrap your arms in them and be careful to keep your head back.
And you pull on the vines until the roots come out of the soil.
With the poison ivy, you then carefully wrap the bag around the vines.
And you throw it in normal trash. 
DON'T recycle it with your leaves.
The people who try to compost those leaves or use them for compost are going to get poison ivy if you do.
What's more, English ivy doesn't break down for compost.  It just dries up.

This is going to work off some of the desserts you've been eating.
And that's the other thing this rain is good for.

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