Sunday, September 1, 2013

Garden -- Water

I read postings by a garden guru whose advice has helped me a lot with my gardening and as far as I can see, the biggest problem is water. 

You have to water in the morning.  Watering at night will bring slugs onto your plants.

You have to water a lot.  Once you do, you can skip the next day, even the next two days if it's going to rain.

You have to put the water on the roots.  Putting the water on the leaves will make your zucchini and cucumbers break out in ugly white spots and die.

You either need a nozzle on your hose that will get between the plants and put the water on the roots where it belongs, or you need a watering can.

My personal rule of thumb is 2 gallons of water per 2 x 2 foot patch every 2 days, more days if it rains.

If you live with water restrictions (which have happened where I live too) have a large bucket that you put in your shower.  While the water is warming up, let it run into the bucket and use that on your garden.  Also catch the water after you release it from the shower pipe.  If you're doing dishes in the sink, like pots and pans, catch that water while it warms up.  You'll have a smaller garden, but if you water right you'll still get some veggies or flowers.

You could also put out a rain barrel.  Check with your city or your home owners' association before you do it, and then do it right. 

Gardening should be relaxing and soul-satisfying, not a bone of contention.

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