Sunday, September 8, 2013


And we're back.  This week's DIY plan is noodles, pasta, pierogies, maybe a kugel for Shabbes.

I have about a cup of whole wheat flour from the last bag I bought; with an egg, that will make half a pound of egg noodles at about half the price of what you get in the store.

I also have a bag of buckwheat flour and I plan to make soba.  The brand of soba my local store carries always sticks when I cook it.  Mine don't.  I got the recipe off an urban homesteading site.  It's about 20% the price of the store stuff.

My niece found a pierogie recipe I didn't have in my recipe collection until we made it at her house.  That might be for Friday.  I'll have to try it some time with some of my homemade sauerkraut.

It will be great upper-body exercise rolling out the noodles, whether I do it by hand with an old-fashioned wooden rolling pin, or run it through the rollers of my hand-cranked pasta maker. 

I also found a couple of websites for making Chinese hand-pulled noodles.  The videos are way-cool but I think I need to do more pushups for a while before I'll have the energy to try them.
Making Noodles in Lanzhou
Beijing Noodle-Making Class
Jen making noodles and a recipe

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