Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Garden -- sun

If you're thinking of gardening, now is the time to test where to plant what.

I know you, you're not like me.  You can take pictures with your cell phone or your smart phone or you have a digital camera.

When the sun is out, go to the side of your house with the longest shadow at noon because that's the side that will get the least sun in winter.  Now take a picture looking toward that side of your lawn.

Do this once a week for the next three months, make sure the picture shows the date, and load them to your computer.

In the middle of winter, run a slide show.

If that edge of your lawn still gets sun at noon in winter, you're golden.  You can plant hardy vegetables there in March and again in September.

In the Washington D.C. area I can plant as early as 1 March most years, and still be picking until about Thanksgiving.  In a warm year I can let things stay in the ground in the winter, especially kale and mustard greens, and start picking before the new seeds have sprouted.

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