Sunday, September 29, 2013

Garden -- Shutting down

If I really wanted to, I suppose I could plant some hardy vegetables now, like kale or beets.

But I have a big project on so I'm going to shutdown until next spring.

I'm going to dig the okra under.  It was too cool this year to get much fruit, but I'm going to see if I'll get any volunteer plants next year. 

I'll take out the tomato plant in about a week.  There are a couple of fruits coloring up.

I have been pulling a few carrots each day for munchies.  My first planting went south but the second planting has done very well.

I have a few beets still in the ground and some beef in the freezer all ready for a good pot of borscht, great food for autumn.

The basil sets I planted in spring went to seed and the seed I planted are just about picked bare.  Have you ever had pesto made from basil that was still on the plant 10 minutes ago?  MMMMMM!  But I don't love it enough to bring the plants inside and buy a gro-light.

I'm experimenting with letting some cucumbers go to seed.  The question is the tomatoes gave me volunteer plants and the cucumbers were also grown from open-pollinated seeds, so will the cucumbers give me any plants.

Two varieties of lettuce went to seed and it will be interesting to see the results next spring.

The grass is dormant because it's been dry so far this autumn.  A couple more mows and then I'll let it alone so the blades can keep the roots from freezing.

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