Sunday, November 23, 2014

Who buys this stuff?

You know, those pouches of tuna that you see people eating from in the ads?
I was thinking of my emergency stash and the pricing info on the shelf shocked me.
I stood there for three minutes doing mental arithmetic.
Then I checked the price for canned tuna.
Then I just shook my head.
You pay $14 a pound for the pouches.
You pay $5 a pound for the cans.
Lookit, if you buy $14 of the pouches that's all you get.  That's 4 servings of just tuna.
You buy $5 of the cans, you spend $3.59 on a loaf of bread, you spend $3 on a box of eggs, you spend $3 on a jar of mayo, and that's four meals of tuna salad sandwiches, plus 11 eggs for sandwiches.
A radio station reported last week that you can feed 4 people a chicken dinner with veggies made from scratch.
For $15.
I can do that even shopping kosher, which people think is so expensive.
Who buys this stuff?  People spending their way into poverty.

I'm just saying...

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