Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Outdoors -- the hawk

Actually, it's not just one, it's three.
I know we have red-tail hawks in my town, I've seen them perched on lampposts watching the grass for prey.
Last year I identified a broad-wing hawk chasing doves through the trees behind my house.
There were rumors that we had Cooper's hawks, which are getting rare.
But I saw one today.
It was flitting around my back where the bird feeder is.
It stopped for a moment on the bench on my back porch.
It was half again or more the size of our mourning doves, but not as big as the broad-wing which is three or four times the size of the doves.
When it flew off, I saw the stripes across its tail perfectly,
and also that it was long relative to the body instead of short.
No wonder my little birds have made themselves scarce right when they usually have their mid-morning feast.
I know this post is late, but I hope it's worth the wait.
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