Monday, November 3, 2014

DIY -- sugar

I heard a spot on the radio last week that was an eye-opener.
You must, you absolutely must, read labels and look for sugar.
It will give the grams.
Divide by 4 and that's how many teaspoons of sugar are in one serving of that product.
I use 1 teaspoon of sugar in my coffee or tea in the morning.
Now remember that  the "one serving" listed by the manufacturer  is for a 2000 calorie diet.
My eating program for somebody 5 foot 2 and over 55 is 1800 calories.
If my eating program allows me 2 teaspoons of sugar a day,
I CANNOT eat any product with 8 or more grams of sugar in it.
Now the kicker: that means I CANNOT eat even one serving a day of a famous maker's tomato soup.
I can eat 2/3 of a serving, before adjusting calories.
When I adjust for my 1800 calorie eating program, I can eat 60% of a "serving."
That's right.  Just over half a serving gives me ALL my sugar for a day if my limit is 2 teaspoons. 
I can't have my coffee or tea.
How many of us can live with that?
What's more, the "nutrition" claims on the can become nonsense when I can only eat 60% of one serving.  I won't get that much nutrition because I can't eat their one serving.

You must learn to DIY so you can cut sugar out of your diet.
That will help you lower your body fat.
It will help you avoid diabetes.
But the bottom line is, this famous line of soups is NOT part of a healthy diet.
It is part of a diet that promotes fat and diabetes.
The person narrating the spot pointed out that there's absolutely nothing wrong with candy or cake or cookies.
The problem is with things that you might think you could eat every day -- tomato soup one day, chicken another, beef another -- which are the same thing as eating candy or cake or cookies every day.
If you're having trouble losing weight or having trouble losing body fat or having trouble controlling your blood sugar,
YOU MUST READ THESE LABELS so you know what's causing the problem.
And then to fix it you might have to DIY.

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