Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Garden -- seeding

The morning glory seeds should be ripe soon.
The flowers form pods which ripen from green to brown.
I've promised seeds to a neighbor.
If we can spread them -- and the birds help with this --
we'll soon have plenty of hummingbirds around.
They get choices -- both morning glory and Rose of Sharon.
My neighbor gave me two cardinal flower plants which they also like.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to see what happens with my planter bed.
I put cilantro and basil in there.
Both went happily to flower and I picked some coriander (cilantro seed).
Basil is great to plant, not just for cooking.
When it flowers, the leaves go bitter and you can't cook with them,
but when the wind blows strongly the fragrance is lovely.
When you brush against it you also get the fragrance.
The flower spikes turn brown when the seeds are ripening.
I groomed them hoping the seeds would drop into the bed and germinate.
I'll know if it worked -- next May.
"Waiting waiting waiting...."

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