Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bit at a Time Bible Hebrew -- a late review

This is late in two senses.  One is it's late in the day.
The other is that I was going to post this last week but I realized it didn't coordinate with the lessons as listed on the Bit at a Time page.
So I've changed that.

Grammar Review
Genesis 1:1  definite article, introduction to binyanim, vowels
Genesis 1:2  “be”, construct state
Genesis 1:3     aorist vs. past
Genesis 1:4     causative
Genesis 1:5     genitive/dative preposition
Genesis 1:6     raqia; dagesh
Genesis 1:7     ablative preposition; “toward”
Dagesh rules
Genesis 1:9     past tense of “to be” a lamed heh verb
Genesis 1:10   plural nouns and context
Genesis 1:11   shin, sin, and context
Genesis 1:12   present tens of “to do, make”, a lamed heh verb
Genesis 1:13   past tense of “to do, make”
Genesis 1:14   pop quiz on gender
Genesis 1:15   present tense of hifil causative verb
Genesis 1:17   aorist/future of “to give, put, set”, a peh nun verb
Genesis 1:18   full conjugation of a strong verb in qal (simple) binyan
Genesis 1:20   introduction to piel punctuated repetition binyan
Genesis 1:21   declension of adjectives
Genesis 1:22   two imperatives
Genesis 1:24   possessive with preposition and with suffixes
Genesis 1:25   construct state of feminine nouns
Genesis 1:27   quoting out of context and interpretation
Genesis 1:28   verbs with object suffixes
Genesis 1:29   full conjugation of noten, a peh nun verb, in qal (simple) binyan
Genesis 1:30   conjugation of hayah, a lamed heh verb, in qal (simple) binyan
Genesis 2:1     pop quiz, identifying the verb tense
Genesis 2:4     introduction to nifal binyan, passive of qal
Genesis 2:5     introduction to infinitives
Genesis 2:6     full conjugation of oseh, a peh ayin, lamed heh verb; qal binyan

The verses that are NOT listed above are available for access on the Bit at a Time page; they are mostly culture capsules.

I'll still post the normal lesson tomorrow, Thursday, as usual.

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