Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Knitting -- argyle

I am about to finish one of Anne Feitelson's Fair Isle designs.
The next British classic is argyle (I'll get around to Aran after that).
The key to argyle is a lock stitch which is something like the weave in on Fair Isle.
But you don't weave floats in with argyle.
You put your yarn on bobbins.
You knit from one bobbin up to where you change colors.
You knit from the bobbin with the new color, locking the first stitch.
Then you knit from the bobbin with the original color.
You add the thin lines, if there are any, with a different technique.
Vogue has a ladies' argyle twin sweater set pattern for $6.
Argyle is also the classic sweater pattern for men.
Just remember, if you're going to knit an argyle sweater for your man,
there's an urban legend that this will end the relationship.

Use your search engine:
argyle knitting free pattern
You'll find images, some of which are actual charts for knitting argyle.
There are plenty of Youtube videos, too.

Also search on
knitting kills relationship
You'll probably find advice on how to avoid killing the relationship with a handknit.

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