Sunday, November 2, 2014

Outdoors -- open for business

And not a day too soon. 
The juncos are back.  I saw them the very day after I put my feeder up.
I am not putting much bird food on the ground any more.
Juncos prefer to feed on the ground, but I've seen them use the feeder.
That leaves only the mourning doves who are about five times too big for the feeder.
I put out a platform feeder with mealworms and thistle.
The mockingbird found it yesterday.  He deserves it.

But I have to warn you, like I think I noted last year.
Just because bird food only has millet and safflower, or has hot peppers in it,
doesn't mean the squirrels won't eat it. 
I've seen them download cubic inches of food from my feeder.
And they will eat mealworms as well, I saw one do it.
There are only two things you can do.
Keep a thick layer of cayenne on the ground at all times where you put your mealworms.
Coat all approaches to your feeder with oil infused with cayenne.
And even then, you probably should have a kid's water rifle handy
so you can soak the little piggies when they climb onto your feeder.
My problem is I have a couple of kids who don't know the rules yet.
They're learning.

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