Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knitting -- jumper/pullover blocking

Yes, I know it's early but I had a cricket in the house and I got up to ruin its night like it ruined mine.  Remember, Charles Dickens was an idiot.
Anyway, when working with Cotton Fine and Cotton Fleece, I never block the garments.
But if you talk to knitters, they will say you ought to.
This is especially true if you are using real Shetland wool to make Fair Isle sweaters.
The women in the Fair Isles always block their finished sweaters.
One thing blocking does for a Fair Isle made with real Shetland wool is the slight felting that keeps the steeking from unraveling.
Here is a page about blocking.  I would use spray blocking if you are going to do it.
The author says it's best for delicates, but if you get in the habit you won't ever make a mistake.
Here's a video on steam blocking.
There are lots of videos but this one seems to use a real garment, not just a swatch.
Anyway it's up to you whether you block or not.
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