Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm just saying -- oh no you didn't

"I love this woman I've been dating, except for [personal feature X].  How do I tactfully get across that she needs to change it."
Oh no you didn't.
If you need a woman to change X for you, you don't really love her.
You are sneaking into paper doll land.
Women are not paper dolls with eraseable features.
They are human beings.
They are individuals.
If you can only love a woman who changes herself for you,
you are not capable of love.
You are only capable of manipulation.
You're saying how am I going to get what I want?
I'm saying it's going to be a cold day in hell before you find anything absolutely 100% what you want and if you're not going to enjoy the good things you have, take a hot water bottle to bed with you because that's all you deserve.
And oh, by the way, you are not perfect.
There are probably plenty of things you should change about yourself.
Starting with your rotten attitude.

I'm just saying...

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