Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garden -- and synergy

This goes with yesterday's post about preserving food.
I dug up the rest of my carrots yesterday.
I raised about 5 pounds of carrots this year from less than $2 of seeds.
I'm going to cook up a couple of them today with turnips and beets that I bought Sunday at the farmer's market.
I also bought kale and collards.
Not to juice.
I blanched all four sets of greens and put them in the freezer in nicely labeled plastic bags.
I got 7 servings of greens, maybe 8 because one bag of collards is pretty big and I might use them in a stew that will last a couple of days.
The stew today will include onion and potatoes and home-pickled corned beef.
It's called New England Boiled Dinner and it's super yummy.
And I need it today because November rains have come early, even if it will hit 80 today.
Anyway, I'm going to also freeze a couple of the turnips and some of the carrots.
Maybe a beet as well, or maybe I'll pickle it.

But I won't make russell again.

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