Monday, October 20, 2014

Outdoors -- winter prep

It was gorgeous yesterday -- bright sun all day long.
Sharp wind, though.  Had all my windows closed and put the glass up in the storm door.
Opened the south drapes to let that sun in and warm things up.

I threw a robin-egg blue hand-knit polo over a tee shirt.
Scudded down the hill to the farmer's market with my two canvas bags.
Raided my favorite vendor for veggies.
Shlepped them back up the hill.
I have yucky Brussels sprouts but I'm going to try pickling half of them.
I'll caramelize the other half with onion and chicken for lunch.
Also green and wax beans, half to eat and half to try pickled.
Now to find some broccoli with real stems so I can try a pickling recipe.
Just for the stems.
But even at the farmer's market, they sell crowns.
They know most of you have no idea what to do with the stems of broccoli.

This morning I blanched the kale to freeze.
This will be so much better than those commercial bags of frozen greens that are half stems.

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