Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Garden -- stop mowing

I'm hoping to mow my lawn today although there's rain in the forecast.
This should be the last time I mow this season.
Murphy's Law says that it will continue to be rainy,
and that the grass will keep growing
but I will try not to get crazed because
if there's a freeze (and temps have been in the 40s at night)
it will kill the roots of the newly short grass.
Then I'll have bare spots and there's no use planting grass after next week.
Grass is a warm-weather seed -- just watch when it is that the weed grass,
like Bermuda Grass, seeds out.  July and August and September, right?
I'm not going to spend money on turf.
BTW, you should also be taking out your warm weather veggies,
especially tomatoes.  Columbus day is the deadline.

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