Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More power to you

So I get a special mailing from my power company.
It evaluates three kinds of houses:
My houses;
Houses like mine:
Efficient houses like mine.
I don't know what they mean by efficient.
It must be the people living in those houses who aren't efficient.
Because my house used less energy in a recent month than they did.
If you get this kind of mailing or can look at it on your account,
Think what you can do about it.
From what I hear on the news, most of the time you are leaving rechargers plugged in when you're not even home.
For me, the average peak hour of energy use is the run-up to making breakfast.
Yeah, I'm really going to skip breakfast.
Eating breakfast is a cornerstone of losing that weight.

Anyway, I have to wonder.
The water company raised prices because people are doing such a good job of conserving.
What is the power company going to use for an excuse?

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