Monday, January 5, 2015

The Anvil -- Rereading the Mendel Beilis transcript

What police official might have been able to solve the case March 21, 1911 -- but never testified?
Who really poisoned Zhenya Cheberyak?
Who was going to supply the 40,000 rubles to bribe Vera Cheberyak?
Which witness did the government allow to testify after giving orders not to release him from a prison camp?
What feature, common to more than half the witnesses, undermined the government case against Mendel Beilis?

If you have read the posts on my Mendel Beilis page, you still might not know the answers to all these questions and more.
Read The Anvil, which rereads the transcript and rewrites the information -- with additions from contemporary material -- to show why the government lost this case.
It took more than five brave defense lawyers and the help of dozens of conscientious people.

Email me about buying The Anvil.  $7 a digital copy.

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