Monday, January 26, 2015

Garden -- got poison?

My town is one of two in my state which prohibits pesticides.
But we are also garden proud.
We have a yearly competition for the best gardens.
They get their pictures in the city garden website.
One of my neighbors wins regularly for his trees and flowers.
The yard is all natural.
Everything is planted in compost.
Pests are dealt with by the birds who nest in his plantings and nearby trees.
Except for bunnies; he uses natural things that they hate the smell of, to discourage them.
We use cornmeal gluten or shredded leaves to feed our grass out of season.
We use grass clippings in season.

You don't need to poison the bees, butterflies, birds, bunnies, pets and kids to have a nice yard.
Dispose of the poison safely and plan to do less work and have globally better results.

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