Sunday, January 11, 2015

Garden -- wake up!

Sharpen your hedge shears!  NOW is the time to prune.
And for the next 10 weeks.
Especially if the birds are telling the truth and we're going to have an early spring.
Prune now and you don't have to worry about insect stings.
Prune now and you probably won't need to prune again for a year.
If your lawn service won't prune now, they are charging you money to ruin your landscaping.
Do it yourself and tell them that for lawn mowing, you'll only pay $30 a shot.
And that you get to call the shots.
When there's a drought on, you're not going to pay $30 for them to spew mower exhaust.
Because it's probably the kind of weather when mowers should be left in storage anyway.
Any lawn service who won't do this, the world doesn't need.
And oh, by the way, make them change to corn meal gluten feedings twice a year,
nothing else.
If they make you put up warning signs, they are charging you to poison your kids, your pets, and the wildlife.
Think globally, act locally.

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