Wednesday, January 7, 2015

DIY -- had to happen

You've been working hard DIYing everything that makes sense for you.
Now all your storage is full. 
There's no sense spending all that money you saved on a storage unit somewhere.
Especially since a lot of the DIY I've been talking about is food.
There's a novel, either Regency or Thackeray -- you email me if you know what it is --
where there's a comic character who preserves food much longer than anybody else.
And it's inedible when she finally serves it up.
You don't want to go there.
Fill your freezer,
fill your fridge,
fill your shelves if you buy a canner.
Then STOP.
Don't start up again until you only have enough left to get you until a batch is ready to eat.
Like a month for some pickles, 3 weeks for corned beef, a week for lox, 24 hours for yogurt.
And by the way, with pickles and canned veggies, you're best off waiting until you can get them fresh at the farmer's market or a pick your own farm.

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