Wednesday, July 23, 2014


If you want to come see the museums in DC, try to make this happen.
If your kids have a lot of time off at Thanksgiving, at the end of the year, or in the spring
THAT'S when you come to see the  museums.
I had that hammered into me yesterday, and it wasn't even one of our hottest days this year,
let alone ever.  Last summer was "ever."
Also use the Metro.
Now, you can't eat or drink on Metro or in the museums,
But DC is pretty much restaurant heaven plus there are lots of food trucks.
Not roach coaches like the ones that you see at construction sites.
Upscale, vegetarian, pastry, all kinds of things.
We got off at Chinatown and had dim sum.
There was a pho bar across the street.
There were pizza and gelato and Carmine's which won awards in a foodie town.
Fuddrucker's and McDonald's and Panera.
People selling bottled water and things from little booths and out of coolers.
There's even some shade down by the FTC near the National Gallery of Art where we went.
If you come any time of the year except summer, the food will still be there.
So will the museums and other sights.
You'll just avoid feeling like you're going to melt on the sidewalk.

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