Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garden -- in hiding

If you planted zucchini, by now they have staked their claim to -- well, whatever they want to stake their claim to.   Zucchini will take over your garden if you let them.
You probably have blossoms, big and golden.
Some are male; they are at the end of a fairly thin stem.
Some are female; they are at the end of a miniature zucchini.
The experts say it's almost impossible for a zucchini fruit not to mature.
If you think you don't have any, gently push aside the leaves so as not to break them.
Zucchini fruit hide under those big leaves.
I missed one once that got to be 18 inches long.  It still ate well.
You may have two female flowers on a plant.  One will develop.
Don't wait forever to get two fruits on that plant.  Pick the one that has developed and then the other will develop. 
If you don't see any fruit in the next few weeks, hey, pick those flours, coat them in a thin batter, and fry them up.
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