Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Knitting -- pullover/jumper

This part of the instructions are for when you finish the armholes on one side.
Now go to the underarms again, with the right side of the knitting facing you.
Add a slipknot on the righthand needle.
Knit the first stitch.
Pull the loop of the slipknot over this stitch.
Now bind off 3 stitches just like you did on the other side of the knitting, after the underarms.
Knit across and turn.
Purl off 3 stitches and purl across.
Now do the part where you knit two together for 6 knit rows. 
You did this on the other part of the armholes.
Now work 55 rows of knit and purl without decreasing.
Now, this is going to look weird because I said to do 62 rows on the other side.
The part that is wrong on that side is that I told you to purl together 2 on some rows.
Start at the underarms.
On the right side of the work, count rows up from the armholes.
You should come out to 70 on both sides.
If not, pull out rows or add rows to get up to 70.

We'll do the shoulders next time.

I apologize for the mess, when we're done I'll post the entire pattern.

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