Sunday, July 27, 2014

DIY -- the time has arrived

Snack makers keep sneaking down the size of their packages.
Now they know we're onto them so they're just raising the price.
The time has arrived that I knew was coming, when it's cheaper to make my own cheese crackers than buy them.
You will pay $9 for a 30 ounce box of Goldfish.
You will pay $8 for 32 ounces of homemade cheese crackers.
And once again, you avoid all the preservatives and other chemicals.
The recipe I use for cheese crackers is out there on the net. 
You can change the seasonings for a bigger kick on the tongue, for a chili-like flavor, for a Szechuan type flavor, and so on.
You can use whole wheat flour instead of white.
You can experiment with what kind of cheese you use: Parmesan, American, and cheddar work best as far as I can tell.
I spend a little more than you do because I use kosher cheese which has to be made with vegetable rennet.
And I used this recipe ahead of a hurricane once to cook up some American cheese in case the power went out, so I wouldn't have to throw it out.  Worked perfectly.

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