Monday, July 28, 2014

Knitting -- pullover/jumper

Once you finish the neck, you look at the armholes.  Not good enough.
Two fixes.
Find your local sewing store or go online and find some knit fabric, then make your own seam binding.  Since you're kind of a newbie, this probably scares you to death.
Use your short-tether needles and pick up stitches around the armhole.  There should be 150-160 stitches, 70 for each side and the 12 of the underarm.
Now do knit-2/purl-2 rib for 12 rows.
Bind off in rib like you did for the neck.
Fold it over the edge and sew down on the inside.
That makes your own binding.

Oh, wait, there's a third option!  You could add sleeves!
That will be next time.

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