Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Garden -- quiet time

No, I mean it.  I picked what will probably be my last zucchini.
I'm about to start picking tomatoes, even if they are green.
Several things you can do with green tomatoes.
Make picallilli, green tomato relish.
Make chow chow, cauliflower and green tomato relish, almost a chutney.  I put onions and mustard in mine.  Lots of recipes on the web.
Put them in a paper bag with an apple and put in a dark cool place.
As the apple rots, it gives off a chemical that makes the tomatoes ripen.
And of course the ever famous fried green tomatoes.
That's a thing.
You can use either cornmeal or matzo meal for the batter.
Great side for fish.
In Victorian times they also made green tomato catsup.

It's also time to dig carrots.

Like I said, quiet.
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