Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knitting -- hats

How big do you make a knitted hat?
There are two ways to measure; do both of them to make sure you did it right.
First, put the measuring tape around your head just above the ears.
Write down the number.
Now put the end of the tape against the nape of your neck.
Run the tape over the  top of  your head to where you want the hem or the fold of the hat to go.
Write down the number and divide by 2.
The second number should be more or less 1/3 of the first number.
That's how I get my hat size of 7 1/2.

Using 1 skein total of worsted (Wool of  the Andes), I cabled on 120 stitches to a size 7 16 inch circular needle.
I  worked k2/p2 rib for 5 inches.
Then I purled together the stitches of the p2 part of the rib, leaving a k2/p1 rib.
I kept that up for 7 rows.
Then I KNIT together the purl stitch and one of the knit stitches.  No more ribs.
I knit for 7 rows.
Then I counted how many stitches I had left and picked a number X that went into that evenly.
Next round I did K2TOG every X stitches, and then knit 6 rows.
Figure a new X, then do a round of  K2TOG every X stitches until you have to change to  a 12 inch  circular needle.
Notice that the larger X is, the slower you decrease the crown and the taller the hat will be.
Keep doing that until even the 12 inch tether is too long.

Now turn the cap inside out and knit off all the stitches the way you knit off the shoulder of a Fair Isle pullover.
Cut a tail and weave it in.
You should have a hat that fits nicely over your head; it might even allow you to fold up a cuff against your forehead.
I can make a hat, pair of crew socks, and pullover with 14 skeins of Wool of the Andes worsted.
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