Friday, August 28, 2015

Fact-Checking the Torah -- Genesis 6 & 7

Your assignment for this week was to read Genesis 6 and 7.
Let’s cut to the chase and then we’ll move on to what you really want to know.
Lemekh didn’t get 70 generations.  He didn’t even get 7.  He was wiped out in the flood along with his wives and children.
This is the second answer to the urban legend “we are descended from murderers.” Qain was not a murderer, and his descendants were wiped out in the flood, and those are the two reasons the claim is false.
Noach, Yefet, Shem, and Cham and their wives survived.
But wait, you’re going to say, wasn’t Noach’s father named Lemekh?
Yes, but if you read your Bible instead of just going by urban legends, you will see that Noach’s father Lemekh was descended from Shet, Adam and Chavvah’s third son.  It’s a different lineage.
And Noach was not a murderer.
So humans are not descended from murderers and anybody who says we are, hasn’t read the Bible and is misquoting it for their own purposes.  We’ve seen this issue before and we’ll see it again. 
Now.  What you really want to know is does the Bible have pagan stuff in it and who were the N’filim. 
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