Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Outdoors -- successful summer

The catbird's chick is a couple of weeks from adulthood.
Why is that a successful summer?
Because this is the second catbird chick raised near my yard this year.
The adult pair have been living around my yard for up to 5 years now.
I've seen them raise chicks before.
It's nice to know that even though some neighbors have destroyed bird-friendly habitat, some of my bird friends are still here.
Now the bad news.
I killed my first cricket-in-the-house a week ago.
My cricket count weather lore says that in my area, the more crickets try to get into the house, and the sooner they do it, the worse the winter will be.
I've also seen two small flights of geese at different places on different days.
Right now, it looks like things will get cold early.
The jury -- or rather the crickets -- are still out as to the rest of the winter.
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