Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Now we are 2

And the pageviews are approaching 14,000.
And they've come from every continent.
I finally got a hit from Africa and one from Oman, as well as a couple from South Korea.
Japan, you folks must be too busy to give me a read.

Most popular so far?
Witnesses [Mendel  Beilis trial]  -- 60
Beets fermented and beet kvass -- 60
The Muzhik Revolt [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 57
The Baba Bathra  Question? [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 56
Violating the Law [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 47
Vera [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 44
The Letter [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 41
Stage 2 investigation [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 39
Endgame [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 38
Pranaitis Speaks! [Mendel Beilis trial] -- 37

Of course the Beilis posts have been up the longest.

I know I'm late starting the book selling.
No inquiries from any of you yet.
Plus now that Google has to put up that cookies notice to satisfy the EU, some of you might shy away.
I'm not collecting cookies.
You want to read me, read me.
You want to buy books, email me.
Much more left to post.
About 30 Hebrew lessons, including new stuff I never heard of until 2014.
About 180 Fact-Checking posts drafted and ready to go out.
Unless I find out something new and then I'll update whichever ones it applies to.
Anyway thanks for all the views.  I'm sure there are sexier sites that get more hits.  I just didn't know I'd get here.
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