Tuesday, February 4, 2014

OB -- What's in your car now?

For those of you who didn't think about this before, some minor ideas for emergency preparedness.

Paper towels.  You have to have a roll of paper towels in your car.  If you're going to bother stocking a portable toilet for those 10 hour traffic jams, well, you need SOMETHING.  Plus they make good napkins if you have to eat in the car.  Plus you can clean your windshield with them when somebody in a truck shlops slush all over you.

Athletic shoes.  If you're within 5 miles of home or the office when you get stuck, you want to be able to walk there.  But you don't want to wear your dress shoes, especially if you splurged on a $500 pair of [insert famous maker's name here].  And I know for a fact that some dress shoes will put you in the hospital if you try walking 5 yards, let alone 5 miles.  Make sure these are old shoes designed for use, not to look good at a sporting event.

A spare tire or donut in the trunk.  I was horrified when I found out that some new cars didn't come with one of these.  Make sure you know how to put one on. 

That's aside from having a jug of radiator fluid, windshield washer fluid (with the alcohol in it to keep it from freezing), a couple of things of dry gas, a can of oil with opener and funnel, a snow scraper, kitty litter for traction, a heavy duty flashlight and batteries that work, flares, emergency triangles, jumper cables, a metal box of bandaids and other first-aid items, something to break a window if you get submerged, and emergency cash.

Next: Water main break.
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