Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fair Isle Knitting -- Double Contrast Stitches

Last week I pointed you toward the video showing how to do two background stitches and then a contrast stitch.
This week, if you feel ready, watch how Ann does two contrast stitches in a row.

Basically, what she does is knit the first background stitch.
Then she does a contrast stitch.
Then she starts a background stitch BUT
Before she pulls the background yarn through, she starts a contrast stitch.
THEN she unloops the background color.
SO THAT when she finally pulls yarn through, it's the contrast color.
The background color is woven in on the back but doesn't show in front.

Practice this X-O-O for a row or two, then do a row of only background, and then we'll try a typical motif, a diamond with a hole in the middle.
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