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Bit at a Time Bible Hebrew -- Dagesh

There, I did it again.  Man, these Monday holidays really throw me off track.

All right.  I’m going to put you out of your misery.


One thing you need to know is that although the vowel sounds are the same, some vowels are thought of as short and some as long:  qamats, chiriq gadol, zeire, shuruq, and cholem are long;

 patach, chiriq qatan, segol, and kubuts are short.


Genesis 1:1
B’reshit bara
B’reshit starts a new sentence. 
It ends in a consonant so the bet of bara takes dagesh.
the patach under the heh is short so the shin takes dagesh
Genesis 1:2
tohu va-vohu
the qamats under the vav is long so the bet does NOT use dagesh
Al ends in a consonant, so peh takes dagesh.
the patach under the heh is short so the mem takes dagesh
Genesis 1:4
the patach under the vav is short
ha-or ki-tov
Or ends in a consonant so ki with dagesh, not khi
elohim ben
Elohim ends with a consonant so ben not ven
Genesis 1:5
y’hi voqer
Y’hi ends with a long vowel, chiriq gadol so voqer, not boqer
Genesis 1:6
raqia b’tokh
Raqia ends in a vowel, not a consonant, and it’s a short vowel
the bet ends a syllable, plus it has shva under it, which is NOT pronounced.  So dalet takes dagesh
mavdil ben
mavdil ends in a consonant so ben takes dagesh
the lamed has qamats, a long vowel, so mem does NOT take dagesh
Genesis 1:7
va-yavdel ben
yavdel ends in a consonant and ben is a new word.
ben ha-maim
ha has patach so mem has dagesh
the mem has chiriq qatan, a short vowel, so the tav takes dagesh


And you were about to knock your brains out!  There are rules!
Also when we conjugate verbs it sometimes happens that the prefixes and suffixes create double letters; these are replaced by a single letter with a dagesh, EXCEPT for alef, heh, chet, ayin, and resh.  These five letters NEVER take dagesh.

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