Monday, February 24, 2014

OB It's coming

And now I'm really going to be the Old Bitch, a real meanie.

There is NO EXCUSE for not knowing that an emergency is coming.

There are emergencies every minute all over the world.

You have no excuse for thinking it won't happen to you.

You must be prepared.

Otherwise you'd better turn in your grownup card.

There are grade-school kids who are better prepared for an emergency than you are.

You MUST have a way of finding out when an emergency has happened, or when a storm is coming.

You can regularly tune in to a radio station that has regular and frequent weather announcements.

You can have NOAA send weather alerts to your mobile communications.  See this page.
Almost all the mobile comms companies are participating; there is a list on this second site.
The system was turned on last year (2013).

You have no excuses for not being prepared.


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