Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Outdoors -- oh great!

So I promised yesterday I would let you know about today's deep freeze but it's what I learned on the radio yesterday ABOUT the deep freeze that I want to share with you.

Today's weather is thanks to the melting of arctic polar ice.

Today's weather is going to be more frequent in future as that ice continues to melt. 

When the ice melt in summer is unusually high, today's weather is more likely.  Study up on the polar vortex for more information.

The melt in summer of 2013 was the second highest value ever measured.  The year of Snowmageddon (February 2010) happened after the highest value ever measured, which occurred in 2009.

So we have to stop polar ice from melting.

There are two and only two reasons why ice melts.  One is that temperatures go up.  That would be global warming.  As the polar ice melts, it also dilutes the water's saltiness.  Dilution means the polar water has less salt per mass of water when the ice melts than when it freezes.  So as the ice continues to melt, the chances of the ice melting more increases.  So the chances of more weather like today's goes up.

Oh yeah, I promised you two reasons.  Well, the second is that the pressure on the ice rises.  The pressure is a measure of force and pouring force onto the ice is the equivalent of pouring heat onto it.

Now a question for those who don't believe global warming is real.  If global warming isn't real, then there's no reason for the polar ice to melt except that world air pressure is rising.  If you can show me scientific observations of increases in air pressure at the poles, then I will give up global warming.  If you can't, then global warming has to be taking place.

Buy long johns.  And an ice maker -- solar powered, of course.

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