Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fair Isle Knitting -- Alternating colors

The key to Fair Isle Knitting, as one site says, is that each row uses no more than two colors and no color is used for more than 7 stitches in a row.  Anything with more colors is more like Bohus; anything with longer runs of color is a pattern intended to look like Fair Isle.

This week, or whenever you feel comfortable working rib, you will join in thread of a different color from the background you've been using.

See Ann's video for how to work an X-O-X-O pattern.

Basically you will knit only, no purling.
Put your background yarn on one side of you and the contrast yarn on the other side to keep them from tangling.
Do a normal knit stitch with the background color.
Do a normal left-handed stitch with the contrast color.
Keep this up until you get back to the start of the round.
Now you can work a checkerboard pattern by using the contrast color above the first stitch in the background color at the start of the next round.  Do an extra stitch in the background color if necessary.

Work three rounds and examine them.  The stitches should all look the same size.  It may take practice to get there.
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