Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Garden -- not today, Mother Nature is throwing a tantrum

We're expecting at least 4 inches of snow, whipping winds, and temperatures falling so low the windchill will be minus 15. 

Unlike the last time we had temps this low, they will stay low into the weekend.

I can't stay out in temps like this, so I won't do anything in the garden.

I'll work on future posts for other pages (Fact-Checking the Torah and Bit at a Time Hebrew), and a quilt I started years ago (I think this is like the 12th quilt I've made lifetime), Chinese, and some indoor exercise because like I said, I will be losing the same amount of weight this year as last year.

At this point I have put out bird food and sealed up a draft with plastic trash bags and duct tape. 

Waiting.  Watching. 

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