Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Language junkie

Yes, besides being a Trekker, I'm a language junkie.

I took both French and Spanish in high school, Russian (my bachelor's degree) and German at Penn State with Hebrew on the side.  I've spent years wrestling with Chinese and so on.

You can learn languages for free at this site:
The State Department developed some of these courses for their personnel.  Audio-Forum (now out of business) sold some of them on tape and later on CD.  You can now get them for free.

You can find books on some very unusual languages at
They specialize in making public-domain books available for free and have a lot of books from the 1800s on languages from the far-flung regions of the British Empire, written by people there who wrote the books from personal experience. 

This site has links to a lot of material.
Highlight and read the links before you use them.  Links to ERIC usually lead to catalog entries, not to material.

If you want to study Classics, use this link.  The learning material is free.

The only link I have for Biblical Hebrew is my own page but there are grammars and dictionaries by Harkavy on archive.org and they also host an Aramaic grammar by Margolies, the professor of archaeologist Cyrus Gordon, and an Aramaic Talmud dictionary by Jastrow.
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