Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DIY -- jerky

I'm sure you can find a ton of jerky recipes online.

Mine is biltong, a South African recipe.  It's spicy and good for cooking as well as eating straight.

It takes at least 10 hours in the oven so you need to pick a day when you can be home.  Like, say, do all your housecleaning on this one day.

I freeze mine; if you want to buy a vacuum packer you can, but the reviews on various models, the last time I looked, said they only last about a year and then you have to spend another $100 on a new one.

Why make your own?

Well, like lots of fake food, there are tons of chemicals and salt in manufactured jerky, as well as the costs in oil for transportation, processing, and packaging.

From my perspective, I can use prime rib to make jerky and still come out ahead, because kosher jerky is 4 times as expensive.

Yes, I know I skipped around, but I just made a batch and had it on my mind.  Next week we'll move on to stir-frying.

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