Monday, December 23, 2013

Outdoors -- Wait a minute!

The saying about weather around DC is, if you don't like it, wait a minute and it will change.

We've had four or five days now of warm weather, however.

This isn't unusual in December.  In fact a snowy December is rare.  I prefer it this way.  People here don't know how to drive even on wet roads.  When the sniper was roaming around in 2002, I emailed my family telling them I was fine but it was rainy and I had to drive the roads with 500,000 people who didn't know what they were doing and I was more likely to die in a crash than get shot.  It's even worse now with all the idiots who still text and drive.  But I digress.

Yesterday morning it was 72 degrees at the airport about dawn and by sundown temps were still in the 60s.  It poured all day and it's still raining.  This is good.  We're low on rain.

Ahhh I hear my female cardinal doing her anxious call.  I can tell it's the female because she's doing a call about every couple of seconds.  The male makes the same call but not nearly as often.  I just put out the black sunflower seeds they like.  We have this agreement, designed to keep the squirrels from stealing what I buy specifically for the cardinals.  I feed them near nightfall for the same reason.

Anyway the weather will soon be colder, maybe below freezing tonight in the Appalachians, and snow flurries some places.  And then -- wait a minute -- it will be different from that soon.

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