Sunday, December 1, 2013

OB -- not meant as a rant

But it probably is one.

Spent part of Thursday night watching football on TV.  That's not a problem; I was raised on Penn State football, I'm happy with the simple things... ooops, that's a song.

Anyway every commercial break included a food ad.  Now, I ate pretty well over the holiday but by Thursday night I was more than fooded out, and here they are trying to entice me into busting my gut.  Sorry, but the problem is I'm already trying to bust my gut in reverse, and I was proud of myself for increasing my exercise quotient in spite of the six hour drive.

So I was already starting to feel sort of -- not happy -- and then they had an ad with The Hunger Games as a tie-in.  You guessed it.  A food ad.  A sandwich company that shall remain nameless, offering thousand-calorie sandwiches.   Are you familiar with the concept of irony?

Now I'm back home and I just finished my Tai Ji for the morning.  Today's exercise will be heavy housekeeping and tomorrow when temps will be in the 40s I'll catch up on yardwork.  I expect to lose 5 pounds this month.  Cross your fingers.

I'm really really glad I don't have a TV any more.

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