Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In one year

Yes, everybody says "I'm going to lose weight next year."

Well, this is different.

I lost 10 pounds in 2013 before Thanksgiving, and I didn't put any pounds on during Thanksgiving because I increased how much I exercised.

The goal for 27 November 2014 is to weigh 180 pounds or to wear size 16 slacks.

I have a home scale that is very unflattering as well as very old and if it reads 180 before the target date, I'll know it's pretty much true.  I also have the "reference slacks", size 16, that I haven't been able to wear. 

The size 18 slacks I've been wearing got loose and comfortable in the last 12 months so I'm doing something right.

Tools:  smaller portion sizes of the right food; good night's sleep; more exercise; less alcohol.

These are all the things I was doing in the last 12 months to get my slacks loose so a) I know it works and 2) I know it's something I can live with.

I'll link back to this post next year so you can see.  Might even post pics.  When I can wear size 16, I look pretty good.

As I know from the last time I could wear size 16, in 1988 after I finished chemotherapy for cancer.

Come on, these are all things your doctor wants you to do anyway.  Work on it!

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