Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OB -- Hurray, people are buying clues!


The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that sales of diet soda are dropping. 

About time.

I heard a health care professional talk 20 years ago about how teenage girls were showing up in her office with osteoporosis.  That's an old person's disease.

It turned out the girls were drinking diet sodas, but not milk.

Diet soda leaches calcium from the bones; it's the phosphates.

Less than 5 years ago studies began coming out that showed people drinking diet sodas were FATTER than people who drank normal sodas.  Why?  It wasn't the calories.  It was the sweet taste.  That sweet taste kicked off the body response that stores sugar in the bloodstream as fat.

What's more, this response involves the pancreas.  It helps wear it out, and promotes Type II diabetes.  So people who were avoiding sugar were still getting diabetes because they were still drinking sweet drinks.

Third, diet sodas often have both vitamin C added and sodium benzoate as a preservative.  The combination warps your genes.  We still don't know if it affects egg cells and sperm cells.

Fourth, the BPA in the can has been blamed for all kinds of problems with gender-defining hormones that DO affect fetuses and infants.  The soda makers are sticking by their story that it's not a problem.  We heard that from the cigarette companies for decades but we know that as soon as cigarette usage dropped, lung cancer dropped.  It used to be the #1 killer cancer but that's not true any more. 

NO SODAS OF ANY KIND WHATSOEVER ARE GOOD FOR YOU.  If the calories don't get you, the chemicals do.

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