Wednesday, December 18, 2013

OB -- Not so Fast!

Wow, it's amazing what you can find out on the net -- and what it says about corporate America.


Now look up McDonald's Filet o Fish.  Think it's a low-fat alternative?

Well, in 2013 it got worse than it was in 2012.  McD's has added fat to it.

They cut sodium, but they added fat and carbohydrates.

It's like one of those long balloons, you squeeze it in the middle and the ends get fatter.

So will you.

Don't go to a restaurant without using menustat, and if you see something you don't like, email the company.  Tell them you caught them ruining your health.

Better yet, don't go to a restaurant.  Use my DIY page with the Basic Cooking stuff.  You'll save money and calories and get more veggies and fiber, which we all need.

And oh yeah, the Annals of Internal Medicine, a real medicine journal, has now summarized 20 years of research showing that a) people can be properly nourished without vitamin pills; b) that adding vitamins to the diet of a well-nourished person does NOT prevent disease, especially cancer, dementia and diabetes; and c)  nobody should be taking the commercial vitamin pills, they should be spending that money on fruit and vegetables that provide the right nutrition.

Look, humans did not evolve taking pills.  Eating right and exercising prevent and treat numerous conditions for which there is no cure, make treatments for cancer more tolerable, and help people recover faster from strokes, heart attacks, and surgeries.  Eating right and exercising are much cheaper than drugs because they prevent diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes and they treat depression, dementia, insomnia and asthma that people take drugs for.  And when I avoid processed meat and get my exercise, I don't have much trouble with insomnia and that means no problems with migraines and no migraine pills.

Live natural.  Eat right.  Exercise.  Cook your own food instead of throwing away money on restaurants and pills.

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