Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I won't usually post more than once a day but this was unusual.  I came in from thinning carrots in my back yard and checking a zucchini to see if I should pick it yet.  Came back in and munched on the tiny carrots. 

Heard a lot of noise and looked out front.  All over the pokeweed, the holly tree, the phone and power lines were some 30 or 40 birds, mostly house sparrows but some starlings and some bigger ones that were probably house finches.

I looked carefully without disturbing them to see if there was a cat involved.  It's illegal to let cats roam in my community but feral cats have been observed.  No cat.

I'll probably never know what it was that brought these birds around.  It definitely wasn't a feeding frenzy on the pokeberries, because they just sat there.  I get lots of them all day long but not in these numbers.  Weird.

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