Sunday, August 11, 2013


No, not a Trekkie.  I got my first full time job before I was 21 and it meant moving 200 miles away from my family, and 20 years ago I bought my house.  I've never been to a con -- any con -- and I used my money for other things than authentic garb.  I have memorized lots of lines and I can still track performers to an extent that sometimes embarrasses my nieces -- did it two weeks ago in fact.  But as you can tell from this blog, I have a lot of other interests and always did.
Anyway, there's an article on Wikipedia about an episode of Deep Space Nine that did digital insertion of the characters into one of THE best classical episodes (despite the ugly green wraparound Captain's uniform) and I noticed something toward the end of the article that shows how much the world has changed.

To promote the episode, the producers left a quarter of a million tribbles on subway cars and busses.,
Luckily, that was in 1996.  The car-bombing at the World Trade Center was considered one of those crazy things that happen.

Today if some producer left a quarter of a million little things all over the country, and nobody knew of the connection with a TV series, a lot of first responders would be going nuts.  They would shut down whole cities until they thought they had collected them all, because they might be bombs.  911 is too much with us still, apologies to William Wordsworth.  (Google it)

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