Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I guess I'd better tell you why I sometimes head posts as "Old Bitch".

First, both those words are badges of honor.

I might not have been old.  I'm a cancer survivor.  25 years ago as of June 2, 2013, I had my first chemo for Hodgkins' lymphoma.  25 years ago as of May 12, 2014, I had my last radiation treatment.  I might not have been old.  From here on out, everything is what they call lagniappe in N'Olns. 
So I know what I have to be grateful for: all the things I've learned, all the things I've done, my nieces and nephews, my little house in a nice town, my garden, the birds and bees and butterflies I've been able to foster, the good I've done for the environment (think globally, act locally).  Anybody who thinks yesterday's post was too romantic or enthusiastic, needs to look at it from the point of view of somebody who didn't die 25 years ago.

As for "bitch", that's the real badge of honor.  When somebody calls me a bitch, I say "Why, thank you!" 
When somebody calls you a bitch (or a bastard, guys) it's because they thought they had some sort of control over you and they are sad sorry and angry to realize they were wrong.  It's an admission of guilt.
A woman I know from the Internet agrees and even came up with an acronym:


That's the Baltimore Maryland "hon."

Probably the most frequent thing that happens because I'm a bitch is that people just expect me automatically to agree with them and when I don't, they get upset.  Somebody said this yesterday in a Dear Abby letter:  you have a perfect right to say what you want within the limitations of the law on speech (defamation, fraud, clear and present danger, "shouting fire in a crowded theater") BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO EXPECT ME TO AGREE WITH YOU.

What they really hate is I can tell them why I don't agree, something nobody else in their experience does, and it's all fact and logic instead of wishful thinking.  Of course, if I don't know anything about the subject I say so.  And then I shut up.   Which isn't what they expect.

Yeah you right.  It's a turn off.  But only for people who like to yap.  Life's too short (see above) to sit around and listen to people yap when they are telling lies.  I don't blame them when it's obvious they don't know they aren't speaking the truth.  Those aren't the people who get mad at me.

The people who get mad at me are the ones who expected me to fall into their control because of what they said.  See above.

But I have lots of things to blog about besides complaining about people who think I'm a bitch so don't be afraid that this will be one long blog full of bitching. 

More than one people I've emailed with have told me, why aren't you blogging this stuff somewhere.

It's their fault if you think I'm a bore-blogger or something.

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